Chapter 13 First Impression

Personality: we all have one. It is rather complex and confusing and can change throughout our lifetimes. Personality tests examine the behavioral style of an individual, therefore determining the type of personality one has. Before taking the personality tests, I was unaware of the type of personality I exemplified. After taking the tests, I overall had a personality type of ISTJ. I found this to be accurate because I am more introverted than extroverted (I), I focus more on the “here and now” rather than “what could be” (S), I make decisions based on logic rather than emotion (T), and I look for things to be more structured rather than open and flexible (J).

The first personality test was from This test broke down my results into percentages so that I could see which was more prominent in my personality. Based off these percentages, my personality is 19% introvert, 31% sensing, 44% thinking, and 38% judging. I found this test to be credible because it gave the same result as the other tests I took and also because it broke down my results into percentages.

The second test I took was from This test gave me the same result as the first test. After clicking to read more about my results, I found that I was placed in the “Trustee” category. This category says that Trustees are “Dependable pillars of strength. They make good bank examiners, auditors, accountants, and phys. ed. teachers, and boy or girl scouts! 6% of the total population.” I thought it was interesting to find out that only 6% of the population shared the same personality type as me. I found this source to be credible because it gave the same results as the first test and also because it was from a center that specializes in personality tests.

The third test was from This test was a form of the IPIP Big Five Personality Test. The Big Five Factors are Extroversion, Emotional Stability, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, and Intellect/Imagination. The results showed which percentile of each factor I was in. I scored in the 29th percentile of Extroversion, the 5th percentile of Emotional Stability, the 45th percentile of Agreeableness, the 57th percentile of Conscientiousness, and the 1st percentile of Intellect/Imagination. This test also gave descriptions of your personality based off of where you were in each factor. Because I scored rather low in Extroversion, I am considered a shut in rather than outgoing and social. I also scored low in the Emotional Stability factor so I have low emotional stability or high neuroticism or negative emotionality. I scored pretty high in agreeableness so I am considered friendly and optimistic rather than critical and aggressive. I also scored high in Conscientiousness so I careful and diligent rather than impulsive and disorganized. I scored low in Intellect/Imagination so I am considered traditional and conventional. I think this test is not that credible because it asked for the amount of friends I have on Facebook and it included a comment section from Facebook at the end of my results. The results were also supposed to contain a raw score as well as a percentile but I didn’t see a raw score anywhere. I would not advise using this website’s personality test.

The fourth personality test I took was from This one was unique compared to the other test I took. I have taken a lot of personality test, however, I have never taken a personality test like this one before so I was excited to see how it would turn out. When taking the test, I was confused how clicking on colors could determine my personality. The results from this test were also different than the other tests. This one didn’t give a specific type of personality that I had, but analyzed my traits instead. My results said I like to be in control of situations, I feel isolated form others and wish to overcome that feeling, I believe life has more to offer than what I’ve experienced so far, I quickly become an expert in anything I pursue, I am emotionally distant, I seek to be known for something I have accomplished and use my social abilities to win people over, I’m afraid others will try to hold me back from achieving what I want, and I long form the freedom to make my own decisions and plan without the criticism of others. I liked how this test analyzed my results more rather than just telling me my personality type. I do not find this source credible, however, because there are a ton of adds and it asks me to share my results to social media.

I was only asked to complete those 4 personality tests, however, I chose to do one more. In high school, I took AP Psychology and completed an array of personality test in that class as well. My favorite one was the Myers-Briggs personality test found on My results from this test were ISTJ, the same as the first two test I completed. This test places you in one of four personality types: analysts, diplomats, sentinels, or explorers. Each of these 4 personality types has 4 sublevels. I was placed in the mediator sublevel of diplomat. This website also gives a small section to read about your personality type, listing the strengths/weaknesses, career paths, other aspects of your personality, and tips for handling your personality type. I would highly recommend this personality test to anyone because not only does it list your personality type, it also accurately describes your personality and gives examples of famous people that share your personality.


2 thoughts on “Chapter 13 First Impression

  1. It was interesting to see the results you got on your test. When I got to take my own test it was very cool to find out what I might get as a result. Like some people I was skeptical when I started to take these test. Some test out in the popular media can give false readings on personality by playing to people by saying one thing or the other to make the test takers feel better. Real test are based more on factor analysis and not randomization. After I finished taking my quizzes the results I got were what I think my own personality would be. I believe I was able to get these scores by answering the questions as quickly as possible so I could use my unconscious thoughts. Doing this allows me to answer as truthfully as possible. Though the test we took were very impressive in get our personalities down well I would like to some day take a test like the MMIP to see some results I could get or even the Rorschach ink bloat test. It would be interesting to see what results I or anyone else in our class would get from those test.


  2. Liv,

    I really loved reading your post. I had similar results except mine was ISTP instead of ISTJ. I think that is because I was more carefree and relaxed with decisions. I thought that the first personality test was credible as well. I had much smaller percentages for all of my results. I also got the same results for the second test. I thought it was credible because results were consistent. I only got 5% while you got 6%. I think it is interesting that such small amounts of the population would have the same or similar personality types. The Big Five test as well was not very credible. I would not give that test to anybody else if they wanted to know anything about their personality. The same with the color quiz. Colors should not be able to determine what my personality traits are. I was also confused about it when the test first started. I think it is great that you took another test to see the results. I’m glad that they were consistent with the results of the first two tests. I think that is important. Overall I really enjoyed this post and seeing what results you got.


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