Chapter 14 First Impression

For this week’s first impression post, I chose to go with option 1. I watched a video that showed a first person point of view simulation of the experiences that a person with schizophrenia has.

Before watching this video, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Usually, when someone thinks of a person with schizophrenia, they think of that person as having different personalities and expressing those different personalities at different times. A recent movie titled Split shows the main character as having and expressing different personas as though he was a different person altogether. The different people, however, knew about one another in his mind and talked to one another in his mind. I think that this movie really opened up the interpretation of what schizophrenia is like.

I had watched this video before in AP Psychology in high school. I thought it was interesting then and I think it is interesting now. It really shows how a person with schizophrenia thinks and experiences things differently than a person without schizophrenia. This difference can be seen towards the end when a woman comes in and acts drastically different than the main point of view. At the beginning of the video, everything seems to be going well, all sunshiny and bright. But once the person wakes up, it seems as though everything has been flipped upside down; it’s dark, gloomy, and malevolent. The voices in the persons head start to appear and make it seem as though everything is dangerous and that nothing is safe. During the dark and malevolent time, the voices make it seem like everything is out to get the main person such as the pizza man, the pizza itself, the coffee, the weather, etc. Everything is dangerous.  While watching the video, I could notice small differences. One difference occurs with the newspaper. In the beginning, when everything is happy, the newspaper mentions a man winning the lottery. Later on, when everything is dark and malevolent, however, the newspaper mentions to “not leave the house” and to “renew prescription.” At the end of the video, the woman that enters opens up the curtains and lets light shine in. This occurrence seemingly eases the main persons mind and the voices seem to dissipate. The makers of the video make it known that this is just one possibility of how a person with schizophrenia experiences things. They state that there is not just one type of schizophrenia.

After watching the video, I now have a new insight on what a possible scenario of someone with schizophrenia is like. This experience was altogether enlightening.


One thought on “Chapter 14 First Impression

  1. I’m really glad that you were able to have this experience of going through a day through the eyes of someone with schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is commonly characterized by hallucinations and delusions, much like you described the video as having. Hallucinations, imagining something there that isn’t, can be shown in the voices that the main character begins to hear. Delusions, imagine something is true when it isn’t, can be seen in the main character believing that the pizza man, pizza, coffee, and weather are all out to get him. The movie you described, however, Split, does not necessarily encompass schizophrenia, rather would be more closely connected to dissociative identity disorder, or multiple personality disorder, as it may be more commonly known as.


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