Hi! My name is Olivia Hanlon. I am from Hanover, Pennsylvania. If you don’t know where that is (because not many people do), it’s about 15 minutes north of Gettysburg (civil war). We’re also famous for Snyder’s Pretzels and UTZs chips. I am approaching this course with some previous knowledge from taking AP Psych in the fall semester last year. I didn’t really “choose” to take this class but I’m glad I’m taking it because it interests me even though it has nothing to do with my major. Some previous background comes from the AP Psych course I took last year and also being diagnose with Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). When I hear the word “psychology,” the first thing that comes to mind is probably psychiatrist and psychologists. The three topics I think look the most interesting are “Classifying Mental Illness”, “Mood Disorders & Anxiety”, and “Psychotic, Traumatic, & Personality Disorders” because I have a mental illness and it is what really interested me in AP Psych. The three topics that look the least interesting are “Classical Conditioning”, “Operant Conditioning”, and “Observational Learning” because I never really liked learning about them in high school. The one question I want to answer by the end of this class is, “what causes depression and how can I make life easier for myself?”


One thought on “Introduction

  1. Welcome to the course Olivia. We will talk about depression several times throughout the semester so you will come away with a better picture of the causes and treatments. Lots of people find the mental health components of psychology fascinating (myself included of course), and if you find you want more depth on those issues, I’d recommend either PSY 250 (Psychopathology) to learn more about the disorders or PSY 255 (Psychotherapy and Assessment) to learn more about the treatments. We also have a new course called Psychopharmacology (PSY 325) which talks more about medications. Hopefully I can spice up the learning chapter so its a bit more engaging than what you had in your AP class.


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