Chapter 4 First Impression

types of parenting

Tiger parents take an authoritarian approach to parenting. There are two different types. Some parents are authoritative “directive,” which means they push and direct their children. On the other end of the spectrum is authoritative “protective.” This is where the parents hover over their children and micromanage every detail of their lives. No matter the type, tiger parents take over their children’s self-motivation or internal control.

Jellyfish parents are more permissive parents. They don’t really care about too many aspects of their children’s lives. They usually have little to no rules, expectations, and basically just spoil their children. Children raise by jellyfish parents tend to grow up with little to no impulse control.

Dolphin parents are the combination of tiger parenting and jellyfish parenting. By nature, they are authoritative. They have rules and expectations, like the tiger parents, but they also value their children’s creativity and independence. They collaborate with their children and guide them rather than tell them what to do or not do anything at all.

By comparing these different types of parenting, I would say that dolphin parenting is the best way to go.


One thought on “Chapter 4 First Impression

  1. Thank you for including the table of parenting styles, it was helpful since I have not heard of dolphin parenting before! In the expectations column, it states that the expectations of a dolphin parent include “living a life of health, balance, meaning, and purpose,” which is exactly what we are trying to put out in the world when intending to raise happy, healthy, productive members of society. You pointing out a collaborative stance was a really great point! It sounds like a healthy middle ground that parents can take so they are still in charge, but not in a way that the child has no say whatsoever.


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