Chapter 3 (Drugs) First Impression

Drug addiction is an epidemic that is practically everywhere. Due to it being so widespread, there are many ways to deal with it. One way is the abstinence model where the goal is to completely rid the substance from the body and eliminate the use of the drug. Another way is the harm reduction model, which aims to provide a healthier way to use drugs. The example given by Dr. MacFarlane for this model was to provide clean needles to drug users in replace of dirty needles to reduce the contraction and spread of HIV or Hepatitis.

Sadly, I have dealt with drug addiction in my family and fiends on numerous occasions. Because of this, I personally feel that the abstinence model is way better than the harm reduction model. That’s not saying that the harm reduction model is not useful or impactful at all, it just isn’t AS useful or affective than the abstinence model.

The abstinence model is probably a better choice than the harm reduction model because it is aiming to completely eliminate the use of the drug and rid the body of it. Compare this to the harm reduction model where the drug is still being used, just in a “healthier” way.

If/when a loved one in my life needs help, I will definitely recommend the abstinence model. If my family member chooses to seek help for his/her addiction, I want them to never have to go through it again; I want the toxin to be completely gone.


One thought on “Chapter 3 (Drugs) First Impression

  1. I enjoyed your post very much it was quite informative and impactful. I as well chose the same prompt I found it very interesting that there was another model of helping with addiction. When comparing both methods it seemed like the best and most logical to chose the abstinence method. In my opinion it seems that it doesn’t really help to do the harm reduction program in the way of wanting to stop using a drug or drugs. Don’t get me wrong the harm reduction model can help with things like keeping someone “safer” while using the drug but it doesn’t necessarily help to keep them off the drug. For example even if someone was using “clean” cocaine that was tested for lethal ingredients they can still get there dopamine levels messed with and can some times go back wanting more. Also in the worse cases it can still cause harm or overdose. Which I wouldn’t want my loved ones doing either. So I would always chose the absence method as well.


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