Chapter 3 (Sleep) First Impression

After going through my current sleep habits, it is safe to say that they are pretty healthy, but they could also improve. At the beginning of the school year, I had a big gap between my second and third classes, so I would fit a nap in. This then caused me to be up late at night and have a hard time falling asleep. Now, I try to refrain from taking naps. I preoccupy myself with homework and getting ahead in my classes or going to the gym or hanging out with friends. Because I wake up around 7:30 every morning, I usually try to be in bed and asleep by 11:30. I use the “bedtime” mode on my phone so it notifies me around 10:30 to start unwinding and relaxing. At 11:30 it puts my phone on “Do Not Disturb” to block out notifications so I can get a good sleep. I also use the sleep mode on my Fitbit so it will also tell me to start winding down. Although I’m pretty good about getting a decent amount of sleep, I usually have to take melatonin supplements to actually fall asleep.

Going to bed at 11:30 and waking up around 7:30 seems great because I’d be getting a full 8 hours of sleep. The amount of times I actually follow that is less than ideal. Most of the time I’m up past 11:30 studying or working on assignments or just playing on my phone. I also have a bad habit of setting like 4 alarms in order to be able to hit snooze and feel good about myself.

If I were to make improvements on my sleep habits, I would try to do most of my homework throughout the day so that I wouldn’t worry about it at night. I would also try to start reading at night or doing something other than being on my phone so that my brain can rest and unwind like it’s supposed to.

I think it is important to get a good amount of sleep, but that differs for everyone. For me, I can still function on about 6 hours of sleep. On average, I’d have to say that a healthy amount of sleep for a college student is probably around 7 hours.


One thought on “Chapter 3 (Sleep) First Impression

  1. It’s great that you can see that there’s always room for improvement! I really like the idea of allowing your phone to tell you when to start winding down and then for it to actually put your phone in Do Not Disturb mode, I think that’s a really helpful way to force/remind yourself that you need sleep. It’s a good idea to try and distract yourself from your phone at night, since the lights from it can keep you up longer than you intend to stay awake. While seven, bordering on eight, hours is a good goal to set for yourself and other students, the recommended amount of sleep for teenagers is actually nine hours. Even though you can function on six hours, your body would much prefer closer to eight or nine.


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